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11.07.07 44 Comments

The website for Pride and Glory has just gone up and it has fun stuff like a trailer and photos.  Directed by Gavin O’Connor from a script by O’Connor and Joe Carnosaur, Pride and Glory is:

An authentic, gritty and emotional portrait of the New York City Police Department.  The film follows a multi-generational police family whose moral code is tested when one of two sons on the force investigates an incendiary case involving his older brother and brother-in-law.  The case forces the family to choose between their loyalties to one another and their loyalties to the department.

I think I liked this better when it was called We Own the Night – but, while both emotional and authentic, it lacked grit.  In fact, it was chalky at best.  And texture is everything when it comes to a family-of-cops movie.   

Actually, this looks a little better than We Own the Night.  Colin Farrell’s eyebrows > Joaquin Phoenix’ harelip. 

Ever heard that George Carlin bit about why people like dogs more than cats? "Dogs have expressions, because they have eyebrows! Cats just have… (waggles his fingers above his eyebrows) a bunch of shit!" I think people respond to Colin Farrell’s acting for the same reasons.  "Aww, look at ‘im squinting – I swear, sometimes it’s like he’s practically human!"

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