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04.22.09 21 Comments

Andrea Wachner graduated from SoCal’s Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in 1995, but hated it so much that when her 10-year reunion came along, she hired a stripper named Cricket to impersonate her and attend in her place, all while talking to her on an earpiece and filming the whole thing.  Because apparently, Andrea Wachner takes a what-would-an-80s-sitcom-do approach to life. The result was a 40-minute short film and the six-minute trailer you see above.

“I Remember Andrea” wasn’t picked up by the film festivals this go-around, but Wachner did find a manager who took interest in her project. They are shopping it around as a reality TV show or a narrative feature. [AbcNews]

It’s a funny idea and an interesting video, but I’m a little put off by girls (because it’s usually girls) who think they were the only ones who hated high school.  Omg, no way, you were, like, so over it?  I never would’ve guessed.  It wasn’t ’cause we date raped you that one time was it?  I’ve been meaning to apologize for that. What am I saying, you probably don’t even remember it.

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