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09.18.07 25 Comments

The latest word on the Sex and the City movie project is that almost all of the male love interests will be back.  Chris "Mr. Big" Noth signed in August, and word is that cHARLOTte's Howie Mandel-wannabe husband Evan Handler, Samantha's boy toy Jason Lewis, and Miranda's lesbian cover husband David Eigenberg will also be appearing.

Of course, this news has every vacuous yuppie whore wondering one thing: "What of Aiden, my effeminate son's namesake??"*

Sorry, ladies, it appears he's nowhere to be found, kicked to the curb like Carrie's plastic surgeon.  You would've been better off naming your kid D'Brickashaw.

And before you ask, I just thought you'd rather see a picture of Kristin Davis than Aiden.  NWS fun here and here.   

*2006:Aiden 30th most popular boy name, Aidan 44th  2005: Aiden 49th, Aidan 43rd  2004: Aiden 60th, Aidan 40th  2003: Aiden 73rd, Aidan 39th  2002: Aidan 63rd, Aiden not listed  2001: Aidan 99th

[via TVSquad and Wikipedia] 

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