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11.19.08 26 Comments

After The Dark Knight and Iron Man made for a pretty solid comic-book-movie summer, it’s sad to remember that the X-Men franchise is still in the hands of the studio who made

Fox has been leaning toward using the younger characters introduced in the previous pics in future installments — teenagers with powers taught at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.  [Of course they have, Fox is terrible.  Just be thankful they haven’t figured out how to write the Jonas Brothers into this.  –Ed.]

Pic joins other “X-Men”-related projects already in the works at the studio. Fox is actively developing a standalone “Magneto” pic, as well as considering a “Deadpool” spinoff, based on a character played by Ryan Reynolds in “Wolverine.” Shuler Donner is producing “Magneto.”

Regular slate of “X-Men” pics would provide Fox with a reliable series of movies that perform at the B.O. and not repeat a dismal summer sesh like the studio experienced this year. [Variety]

Superheroes!  Teen drama!  Together!  How could it not work?  Oh I can already picture it.  Mutant High, first day of school:

OMG! Did you guys see the new kid?

Yeah, he’s like, hot.  I wonder his mutation is?

He’s from Chino.

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