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09.27.07 20 Comments

I got tired of making stupid Photoshop pictures for every piece of Uwe Boll-related news, so I decided to go with this David Hasselhoff video instead.  Germans love David Hasselhoff.  

Anyway, the news is that Uwe Boll is making a movie version of Zombie Massacre, which is apparently some sort of "video" game.

"I want to make this movie more creepy than House of the Dead, which was intended to be funny and campy," he says. "I’d like ‘Zombie Massacre’ to be a harsh zombie movie like ’28 Days Later.’" 

Wanna make it creepy? Consider a starring role! Burn! Wanna make it funny? Get nude in it! DOUBLE BURN!    

Anyway, remember when we were wondering whether the zombie movie genre had durst?  Now it’s official. 

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