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08.28.09 19 Comments

Here’s the “inappropriate soundtracks” edition of Philadelphia.  You pretty much know what’s coming during the whole first part, but it’s still satisfying when you get to it.  (*points to crotch*) I could tell you which song it is, but that would ruin the fun of guessing.  Suffice to say, it’s something you could bust on a key-tar and there wouldn’t be a pair of dry panties in the house.

After the jump, check out Hitler’s tirade about the Avatar trailer.  I know the Downfall meme is a little fuuuuugged out, as we say in the Philippines, but I’ll give this one credit for being better written than most — “Avatar looks like a glossed up Land Before Time 3!”  “I waited 10 years for Captain Planet with cats!?”  Ahhh, good times, good times.  That’s a burn, James Cameron.  I asked Hipster Hitler what he thought of this video, but he just sort of shrugged and took a drink of his iced latte.

I also enjoyed the hell out of this (via DailyWhat):

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