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Hey, remember back around 1990 when most of us didn’t know about the internet yet and getting access to a camera without parental supervision when you were in high school meant creating some really weird videos?  Remember how none of us thought anybody besides a few of our friends would ever see those videos?  Oops.

Today’s free for all clip shows what happens when a couple of kids from Iowa use the high school’s camera unsupervised.  It’s after the jump, along with a video of a dissin’ racoon playing with a dissin’ swing.  Don’t be dissin’.

Here’s what little I could find about the kid in the video:

This was filmed around 1990-1992 at Ames High School in Ames, IA. It was edited VCR to VCR as the current digital tech. wasn’t there at the time. The Homeboy of the Month is “David Wagner”. I no longer know what happened to him, but sure wish i did… The last I heard he was living in Minnesota somewhere.

Live the dream, Homeboy of the Month.  Let’s see the folks back home try to diss you now.

~ robopanda

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