Friday Free-For-All: Michael Bay, Explosion Artist and Thespian

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05.28.10 16 Comments

Mystery Men had the misfortune of being released in 1999, when the top box office comedies were Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Big Daddy. So a film like Mystery Men was polarizing, in that it was either too intelligent next to the comedy competition to be understood or it just flat out sucked. A case could be made for either. But lost in this epic argument is the cameo of FilmDrunk favorite Michael Bay, who plays a frat boy simply concerned with his brewskis. It’s pretty obvious that a performance this big means one thing – that’s really Mike Bay. He’s not playing a character. When he gets home from making movies, he still gets down to business. He cracks open a cold brewdog, pulls up a chair and watches Ali Lohan and Heidi Montag-Pratt wash his Aston Martin collection.

I’ve also included Bay’s cameo from Bad Boys 2. I can just imagine him developing this last second script change:

Bay: “OK bro bros, here’s what’s going down – I’m gonna role up in this gnarly whip, right? And people in the theater are gonna be like, WHOA! Bay-dog’s driving a bodacious turdmobile, what a comedy genius!”
Will Smith: “Aw hell naw!”
Bay: *makes explosion sound*

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