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09.25.09 39 Comments

At my first office job out of college, the first day I showed up happened to be the Halloween party.  Everyone was out in the parking lot, and they were giving awards to the department who’d best decorated their office with fake spiderwebs and things.  I believe Marketing took home the gift certificates for that one.  Which is to say, the only thing more soul-crushing than having an office job is having to have pretend fun with the other drones.  Which brings us to this awesome video made by the Southern Food Brokerage Corporation back in the 80s. They rap about what kinds of food they broker, you see.  Like Charlie Carson, the Maple Syrup guy.  He probably killed himself after this.  I wish I could’ve been there when the decision to make this video was made.  “So I was thinking we’d spend this next week writing food-related raps and filming the whole thing to show other people. Not interested? Too bad! This is a team, dammit.”

This puts any of the stupid crap Michael’s done on The Office to shame.

[via OhHaveYouSeenThis]

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