Frotcast 16: Lindy West, Wall Street, Johnny Knoxville

Senior Editor
10.14.10 32 Comments

On this week’s Frotcast, we talk to the incomparable Lindy West about Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and in my audio from the Jackass 3D extended preview, I ask Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine if they’ve ever thought about just going balls out for their next stunt and injecting Bam with a syringe full of Hep C while he’s sleeping.  Subnote: it includes some important do’s and don’ts for aspiring journalists.  And of course, Danger Guerrero sent in a new Old Dirty Bastard clip to talk about.  Enjoy.

Thanks to Jacktion!’s band, Mayors of Super Awesome Town for this week’s intro song.  Email us questions, suggestions, naked pictures, stock tips.

Boy.  I am an average-looking man.

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