Frotcast 19: Joe King, Rob Delaney, Jackass 3D

Senior Editor
10.21.10 13 Comments

This week on the Frotcast, our friend Joe King the comedian and former porn camera man sits in while we discuss Jackass 3D, and he tells us how he used to have sex with a couch, which his parents still own.  Then I play some clips of my interview with Rob Delaney (whom you may know as fake Warner Bros guy, or from his Chris Klein and Mass Men videos).  I completely butchered the interview because of technical difficulties, which we have some fun with, but here’s an article Rob wrote for Vice.  He’s also really funny on Twitter. Listen to this and make at least two friends listen or I will murder your entire effing family.

Tech Note: It seems to be downloading faster now, yes?

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