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03.16.10 27 Comments

Remember that Gary Busey red-carpet video from last week?  He actually seemed fairly subdued for Gary Busey, seeing as how he made it through almost 90 seconds without shaking an inanimate object and demanding to know its secrets.  But apparently there’s more to the story.  The interviewer happened to be interviewing Nick Park earlier that same day on Santa Monica beach, when Gary Busey just showed up, drinking coffee and mumbling about helping with the lights.  Then, as mysteriously as he’d arrived, he was gone.

Maybe six hours later, the same guy sees Gary Busey at the night of 100 stars party and says, “Oh hey, Gary, I saw you earlier at the beach, remember?”  And Gary Busey just stares through him like a reptile.  He goes on to make the following inexplicable statements:

“The beautiful thing about the truth is, the truth requires your questions.  Therefore, there is no competition in art.”

“L.A. County is like a huge tortilla.  It spreads everywhere.”

And that’s where the part we’ve already seen picks up.  In-effing-credible.  God damn, I love Gary Busey so much.  I’d gay marry him if I wasn’t afraid he’d eat my eyeballs after I fell asleep.


Look at how he’s staring at that guy.  I guarantee if you could see his thoughts, the back of that guy’s head would be a cartoon pork chop right now.

[Thanks to TheShiznit for the tip]

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