Gary Busey is Adrian Peterson’s lawyer, shaman

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08.17.10 29 Comments

As much as I liked Kenny Powers’ K-Swiss ad, I think Vitamin Water just drank their milkshake (can I still use that?) with this ad starring Gary Busey as Fantasy Football lawyer Norman Tugwater.  According to MediaBistro, it was created by a person and/or entity known as “Zambezi.”  I’d delve, but the comments on that site make me want to kill myself.  Gosh, who knew people who cared so much about advertising would be such assh*les?  Anyway, the commercial’s great, Busey makes everything better, and the Tim & Eric-style editing is the icing on the cake.

It’s funny to see Busey doing a commercial, because, as we learned in the last Frotcast, Gary Busey hates commercials, so much so that he makes restaurants mute the TV when they come on (true story). I like to imagine Gary Busey showering when suddenly, this commercial comes on.  You didn’t think he could hear the TV from in there, but next thing you know, Gary Busey runs out of the bathroom naked, carrying his briefcase full of highlighters and pocket change, threatening to eat your spleen like a banana, when suddenly, he realizes the commercial is his.  “HOW’D THEY GET ME IN THE TV?!”  he’d demand to know, and you’d have to feed him a coyote to get him to calm down.  This will make you big again, Gary, like Alice in Wonderland.

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