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Michael Haneke‘s The White Ribbon won this year’s Palme d’Or (French for “Golden Shower of Praise”) at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The trailer is below, in German and black and white.  Fancy!   An astute reader theiving Kraut-talker over at /film provides a translation, and here’s an excerpt: 

“Today a little short of two months ago . . . the doctor had a riding accident. This accident was caused by a tight rope set up in his garden. We all know that the ones responsible for my son’s and the doctor’s severe injuries are . . . here. Among us. Sitting in this room.” [Ed.- and the call was coming from inside the house]

Well, that’s cheerful.  The film is set in 1913 and the doctor’s “accident” is just one of many.  Sure, when it’s a black and white pre-WWI movie in a foreign language it’s art, but when Final Destination does it, it’s crap.  Whatev.  *continues making decoupage with pictures of Devon Sawa*

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~ robopanda

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