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09.25.09 20 Comments

Ghost Rider is right up there with Catwoman, Daredevil, and Elektra when it comes to being filmed with cameras made of sh’t.  But at least that means no sequels, right?  Well…  Variety reports that Columbia still owns the project and claim to be in talks with David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Jumper, Blade) to supervise writing on a sequel — with Nic Cage “expected to return” as star.   But it sounds like it could just be talk to keep Marvel from making it.

The activity on “Ghost Rider” follows a flurry of activity on Marvel characters at almost every studio but Disney, which acquired Marvel Entertainment in a $4 billion deal.  Fox is: rebooting “Fantastic Four”; mobilizing a “Wolverine” sequel and several “X-Men” spinoffs; is quietly developing a new version of “Daredevil” and working on a Silver Surfer film [holy punctuation, batman! -Ed.]. Sony recently set James Vanderbilt to write the fifth and sixth installments [!!] of “Spider-Man,” and Universal continues work on “Sub-Mariner.” Paramount continues as distributor for “Iron Man 2” and several others expected to include “Thor” and “Captain America.”

The activity is necessary for those studios to keep the superhero properties. If the properties atrophy, they can be reclaimed by Marvel Entertainment, which happened with Iron Man, which languished at New Line before Marvel turned it into the self-financed blockbuster.

I don’t like this David S. Goyer idea — if you’re going to make a terrible Nic Cage movie, just go the whole nine and make a terrible Nic Cage movie, don’t hire the guy who wrote Batman Begins.  Do it like you did it the first time, hire the guy who wrote a movie about Michael Keaton turning into a snowman.  (Seriously though, last time they hired the guy who wrote a movie about Michael Keaton turning into a snowman).

I like how he falls off his bike for absolutely no reason at the beginning. “Should we reshoot this part?” “Nah, let’s just focus on the CGI skull.”

And now, a clip from Jack Frost. Fun fact: Michael Keaton’s character’s name is actually JACK FROST. Like, before he turns into a snowman. Foreshadowing!

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