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06.15.09 13 Comments

For all those people who doubted me when I said Sienna Miller’s sunglasses were photoshopped on in the international G.I. Joe Poster, here’s the new poster as evidence.  Amazing how they were able to change the glasses and still get her to stand in that same exact position, isn’t it?  And don’t act like we all haven’t already seen Sienna Miller’s boobs.  They ain’t that big. (not that I wouldn’t still touch them if she wandered too close)

In related news, Variety debunks the rumor that director Stephen Sommers was fired halfway through shooting.  That doesn’t mean the movie won’t still be really crappy, because it will.  I love how the first defense of any of these turds is, “It wasn’t a bad movie, it was just meant for kids!”  Which sounds great until you look at the poster for the same film and it has Carmen Electra deepthroating a cucumber.

[high-res version available at SuperHeroHype]

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