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04.18.08 31 Comments

Watch the Hamlet 2 Red-Band trailer after the jump 

In Hamlet 2 (which premiered at Sundance) co-written by Team America and South Park co-writer Pam Brady, Steve Coogan plays a struggling actor who finds himself teaching high school drama. When the school tries to cut the drama program, he has one last shot at saving the department – a play he’s written himself called Hamlet 2. But he has to battle administrators who try to keep the show from going on, on account of musical numbers like “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” and a scene in which Satan French kisses the president.

Looks funny.  Plus, I like movies about the theater more than the theater itself.  Plays are like movies for poor people.  Oh sure, you might see rich people at the theater, but they go for the same reason the Olsen twins dress like shit-eating homeless people.

Some might say I didn’t have to use “shit-eating” in that sentence, but I would respectfully disagree. 


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