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04.01.09 11 Comments

This is called “The Worst Homemade Star Wars Costumes,” but they’re clearly the best.  Boba Fett with khaki shorts and braided belt?  Yes, please.  Belts with shorts is ALWAYS COOL. [HolyTaco]

I like it when peoples’ April Fool’s Day stories are more creative than “OMG, so-and-so’s in the next Batman!”  On that note, Michael Bay has been hired to win the war in Afghanistan. [ScreenJunkies]

“Moms Even Freakier Than the Octomom”.  I can barely look at this list because “your mom” isn’t one of the entries.  HOW DO YOU IGNORE A JOKE THAT OBVIOUS!?  [Atom]

Rob Schneider says he loved The Hot Chick, but it got released at the wrong time and other funny things. [Bullz-Eye]

Five rare celebrity videos leaked to the internet. [Meetthefamous]

Robert Pattinson sings three songs on the soundtrack of his next movie, so now you’ll have something to not listen to AND something to not watch. [DailyFill]

And of course, you can’t go wrong with pictures of Mickey Rourke and his dog, Jaws.  My heart… so warm…

[Thanks to Pauly for the video, more Mickey Rourke pics at PopBytes]

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