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01.02.08 25 Comments

No, this isn’t an update about the next Harold and Kumar movie, but God I wish it was. 

It’s actually about Daniel Radcliffe beating out Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom for the coveted title World’s Manliest Pussy role of photojournalist Dan Eldon.

The movie, titled Journey [like every unoriginal A-hole’s favorite band!], will focus on the Somalian civil war. Eldon was one of four journalists who found themselves in Somalia at the time of the uprising and wound up stoned to death in 1993. The movie is based on a compilation of Eldon’s journals. [CinemaBlend]

Dan Eldon’s Journal, Day 1: Plane trip sucked, landing rough, Africa is hella hot.  Boy, I hope I don’t get stoned to death – that would be super lame! 

Eldon’s mother, Kathy, told the press that she felt Radcliffe was the perfect choice for the role to play her son because ”Dan was a boy emerging into manhood.”

Yeah, plus they’re both named Dan. Still, they should’ve cast me. It was just last week that I totally almost grew a sideburn.  I’m a veritable fountain (mountain?) of testosterone. I ejaculate body hair.  Call me ladies.  

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