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Crappy downer news day continues on FilmDrunk.  How’s this for a depressing lede:

DANIEL RADCLIFFE’s stunt double wept after he was told he will never walk again following an accident on the set of the new HARRY POTTER movie, according to reports.

Ooh, let’s read on, I bet this is uplifting!

David Holmes was hospitalised in January (09) with a back injury after falling from a harness at Leavesden Studios, where he was practising flying scenes for the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The 25-year-old had surgery at the hospital, which specialises in spinal injuries.

Holmes’ family published a message on his personal Facebook page to let friends know he was confident of a recovery: “David wants to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes. And don’t worry… the stunt-runt will be back.”

But now doctors have delivered the devastating news that Holmes will be confined to a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again, according to Britain’s The People newspaper.  A source tells the publication, “David is struggling to come to terms with the news. It’s terrible news but his family and friends are trying to offer him as much support as they can.” []

See how they got your hopes up for a brief second there only to mash them into dust?  That’s good tabloid writin’.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, check out the picture they ran with the story.  Jesus Christ.  Even for a zombie that’d be an unhealthy skin tone. Looks like someone took the quest for clear skin a little too literally.

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