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07.09.09 24 Comments

Nowadays when people make movies for kids, they usually do it with an adult cast pandering embarrassingly to what they imagine to be a child’s sensibilities, or with androgynous young boys hand picked by pedophiles and made to sing and dance.  But back in ’86, some brave soul thought, Hey, why not just make a film noir about a woman-hating private dick, and have 8-year-olds play all the parts?  The result was Hawk Jones, and I don’t know why they don’t make more movies like this.  Check out the stick-figure chalk outline at the 1:45 mark.  Tell me that’s not freakin’ adorable.  The formula is fool proof.  The only thing that could ruin a movie like this?  You guessed it, Cam Gigandet.

[Thanks to EverythingisTerrible for finding this, Hawk Jones official site here]

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