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04.22.08 89 Comments

This may be the greatest news lede of all time.  I can’t believe this isn’t a joke.

The company behind "American Idol" is developing a black comedy about Adolf Hitler’s early years.

I think I just came.

"Mein Kampf," based on a dark farce by Hungarian playwright George Tabori, is set in a Vienna hostel before World War One. In the play, an insecure Hitler is befriended by an elderly Jew who gives him his infamous hair style and toothbrush mustache.  Tom Schilling ("Elementary Particles") will star as Hitler, and Goetz Georg as his Jewish friend, Schlomo Herzl. Urs Odermatt will direct the production, which starts shooting in Vienna this week. UFA plans to release the film in Germany next year. [Yahoo]

A Germany company making a comedy about Hitler, huh?  That sounds like a great idea.  I might approach them about financing my hilarious action comedy starring Colin Farrell as a Cambodian secret policeman vacationing in Belgium, Khmer Bruges. Or my German menopause film, Mein Cramps.   

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