Dress like a rape victim: H&M releases Lisbeth Salander collection

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10.26.11 52 Comments

Clothing retailer H&M recently announced a partnership with Trish Summerville, the costume designer who worked on David Fincher’s English version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to produce a clothing line based on Dragon Tattoo heroine Lisbeth Salander (played by Rooney Mara in the film). Because nothing says chic like bleached eyebrows and a history of rape.

H&M have collaborated with Trish Summerville, the revered costume designer who worked on the English film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , to add an urban, edgy twist to 30 pieces, all with the unmistakeable essence of Lisbeth Salander.

Judging by the picture, this appears to be one of the rare occasions when you’ll be able to read “urban” as a corporate adjective and it won’t be code for “for black people.”

Battered jeans, cropped leather jackets and hoodies make up the uniform of the private detective, who is played by breakout American actress Rooney Mara. “We took her [Salander’s] basic pieces that we used throughout the film and did a little more fashionable version for H&M,” explains Summerville, who scoured resale shops in Sweden – where the film is set – for much of the character’s wardrobe.
Accessories including knitted snoods, backpacks and tribal earrings also feature alongside roughed-up leather boots and platform wedges.

What the f*ck is a “snood?” (*googles*) A knitted head scarf? Huh. Looks like it’d make a great hippie hairnet, but somehow I doubt the person wearing it will be doing much cooking.

The collection will be stocked under the retailer’s Divided range and will debut exclusively at Colette in Paris on November 28. On December 14, the range will then be go on sale in 180 selected stores H&M stores worldwide and online. [via the UK Telegraph]

Eh, they look mostly like your basic scummy, sh*tty unflattering asexual hipster clothes (smells like cloves right out of the box!). I just hope the Twilight costume designer doesn’t seen this and start getting ideas. “This fall, inspired by Kellen Lutz… It’s the ‘Mega-Huge Gaywad Collection,’ new from Hot Topic.”

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