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03.01.10 22 Comments

This is the trailer for Shelter (via Collider), a multiple-personality thriller that wrapped in 2008, but hasn’t been released yet, probably because it’s so… good.  In Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman’s parody of Hollywood is that his idiot brother Donald writes a lame thriller about multiple-personality disorder that his agent loves.  Life imitated art in 2003 when Identity came out, and it had almost the exact same plot as the fictional Donald Kaufman’s crappy script (“It’s all in his head!  Isn’t that f*cked up?!”).  And now the writer of Identity (who also directed Jack Frost, incidentally) is back with Shelter, and guess what?  Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has multiple personalities!  And one of them might be… the devil!

“Mom called it ‘Psychologically taut.'”

(This isn’t really related, it just makes me want to gay marry Brian Cox.)

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