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02.15.08 41 Comments

Thank God the writer’s strike is over, now we can go back to speculating about the Justice League of America movie.  Via IGN:

According to Moviehole.net, the film will now be "about Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and others of the Justice League of America, an organization made up of the world’s greatest superheroes must deal with the expulsion of Batman and the death of Superman at the hands of the monstrous Doomsday."

I can’t find the Moviehole story they’re quoting, but it also reports that JLA wouldn’t start filming until 2010 (I’ll say it again – it’s never happening). But okay, no batman and no superman.  Who’s this Green Arrow guy?

Dressed like Robin Hood, Green Arrow is an archer, who invents trick arrows with various special functions, such as a glue arrow, a net arrow, explosive arrow, time bomb arrow, grappling arrow, fire extinguishing arrow, flash arrow, tear gas arrow, cryonic arrow, or a boxing-glove arrow. [Wiki]

Sweet Jesus, not a boxing-glove arrow! Today’s criminals won’t know what hit them!   The drug runners, the murderers, the terrorists – how will they deal with a skilled archer?  Perhaps he could team up with a Catapult operator and a phalanx captain, and they could ride around in a frigate or some other ancient weaponry that I remember from Civilization.  Why, they’d be unstoppable.  This sounds like cinematic gold.    

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