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05.01.09 31 Comments

Oh hey look, a gypsy got buttf*cked by a hare krishna.

Since he clearly deserves to work again, the guy who directed Pathfinder (aka Marcus Nispel, pictured) has signed on for The Last Voyage of Demeter. Chill out, dude, it’s about vampires.

Story, penned by Bragi Schut Jr., is based on a chapter in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” describing the arrival of the vampire count in England on a cargo ship that has crashed into the rocks at Whitby with no crew and the dead captain lashed to the steering wheel. Stoker tells the story via the captain’s log of the voyage, which begins in Bulgaria and becomes increasingly disjointed as members of the crew disappear. [Variety]

I liked the original title better.  Dracula: I’m on a Boat, Motherf*cker.

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