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02.11.10 25 Comments

I’ve already posted the red-band trailer, the green band trailer, the official teaser, the Thanksgiving Day clip and God knows what else for this movie, but now there’s a new one out and why the hell not. A lot of people on the internet are all “Wah, this looks like the same old corny 80s jokes,” or “Wah, it’s just another gimmicky premise,” or “Wah, my bones are becoming warped and pliant from lack of sunlight.”   But screw them.  It’s still called Hot Tub Time Machine, it still looks a lot like the Aspen Timeshare episode of South Park (which was awesome), and that’s enough for me.  Also, is it racist that I can’t help but compare Craig Robinson to Tracy Morgan?   It’s not my fault they’re both husky, hilarious black guys with back-to-back shows on NBC.  You just can’t help but notice some things, like how Puerto Ricans steal.

[hat tip: Collider]

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