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The rundown on Hot Tub Time Machine: stars Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, John Cusack, and Rob Corddry, plus is purported to feature appearances by Chevy Chase and Crispin Glover.  Directed by Steve Pink (Mr. Pink, hee hee!), who last did Accepted.  Official synopsis:

After a night of drinking Red Bull and vodkas, a group of guys travel back in time to when they were younger cads.

Honestly, I could sit here all day telling you about Hot Tub Time Machine, but let’s face it: the movie’s called Hot Tub Time Machine.  There’s no way you aren’t going to see it.  In fact, I don’t know why they even bothered making a regular trailer.  The teaser for this movie should just be a border collie with mirrored shades riding around on a skateboard while Huey Lewis & the News sing a rockin jam called “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

(NSFW for language, you fags)

[via ComingSoon]

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