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02.16.09 24 Comments

In I Love You Beth Cooper, the high school valedictorian (played by Paul Rust – who’s 27, by the way) uses his graduation speech to declare his love for the “popular girl”, played by Hayden Panettiere.  A movie ensues. Now, I don’t always like to weigh in on who is or isn’t hot, but why does Hollywood insist on shoving this Hayden-Panettiere-is-hot thing down our throats?  She’s not bad, but she also looks like a younger, blonder Rachel Ray, or a skinnier Nikki Blonsky. Bottom line, she’s more cute than hot, and maintaining cuteness requires not going around acting like you’re Marilyn f-cking Monroe* all the time.  Besides, having too much self-esteem really sends the wrong message to young girls**.

*Or Jennifer Love Hewitt circa Can’t Hardly Wait
**”Don’t f-ck me”

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