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08.18.08 56 Comments

After the jump I’ve got video of Carmen Electra putting clothes on (sort of) just long enough to introduce a new clip from Disaster Movie, in which she wrestles Kim Kardashian and does other stuff that hilariously references pop culture.  Now, I know that when you’re a 36-year-old former Playmate with little acting experience, you’re probably not getting offered the best roles.   You probably want to cash in in the next few years while people still care about seeing you naked.  But Carmen, being in a Seltzer-Friedberg joint is just embarrassing.  It’s degrading, it’s harmful to your career, and in the end, probably doesn’t make you that much money. 

I have a much better idea: we get you, me, a video camera, and 10 midgets to come on your face while I film it.  We’ll call it Carmen Electra’s Midget Bukakke Boogaloo and sell DVDs on late night television between Girls Gone Wild spots.  We’ll split the profits 70-30 (after all, my reputation is on the line here). I’m telling you babe, this is your retirement plan. 

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