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10.30.09 26 Comments

(Get a job.)

The only major release this week is This is It, the Michael Jackson movie.  I have no interest in seeing it (not because of a knee-jerk about him being a pedophile or anything like that, I’m just really, really sick of hearing about him) and I can’t imagine why anyone would, but it already made $2.2 million.  And it’ll probably make a lot more because, hey, no competition.  The only good thing I can imagine about it is seeing the dedication “For Blanket.”

The big limited releases are Gentleman Broncos, which is looking like a stinker, and Boondock Saints II, which, as I’ve already noted, is like watching a gorilla finger paint.  Black Dynamite is still playing in New York, L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle.  Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s Friday and I’m going to go get drunk.  Oh, and here’s a picture a dog dressed like Jackie O.  Happy Halloween.

[via NYMag]

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