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11.18.08 26 Comments

Actor Christopher Lloyd, most (only?) famous for the role of Doc Brown in Back to the Future, had his house in Montecito, California destroyed by the recent Southern California wildfire.

The house, Lloyd’s principal residence, was listed for sale in the spring of 2007 at $11.3 million but recently was withdrawn from the market while he made upgrades. He owns a second, smaller, home in Montecito that is still on the market for $3.6 million and was not affected by the blaze.
Lloyd’s fire-damaged property  is one of Montecito’s more unusual homes. The 5,500-square-foot main house has one bedroom, and there is a separate guesthouse. The house was built in 1972 from adobe bricks made on-site. And the living room and bedroom share an outdoor area with a large patio and stone-lined reflecting pool. [LA Times]

The “Tea Fire” which started at the privately owned Tea Garden Estate, about a mile north of Santa Barbara’s Westmont College, ripped through an area that Oprah Winfrey, Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe and other celebrities call home. [CNN]

I’m not going to make a Back to the Future joke here, because it would be way too obvious and everyone’s probably already beaten me to it.  And that’s messed up, the guy’s house burned down.  But I think I speak for everyone when I say: It should’ve been you, Oprah.

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