12.17.09 9 years ago 43 Comments

Hope you’ve got your cum towels ready, nerds, because after the jump I’ve got the first trailer for Iron Man 2.  In terms of plot, we’ve got Tony Stark in a hearing before congress where Senator Gary Shandling wants him to give up the suit, but Stark doesn’t want to, he only cares about being glib.  All in all, it wouldn’t look that amazing if we hadn’t seen Iron Man 1, just your basic superhero movie trailer.  Really the best thing they did was set it to AC/DC.  I could hear AC/DC at my grandma’s funeral and it’d still make me want to bang chicks and drive drunk.  The difference between setting a trailer to AC/DC and setting it to Linkin Park is like the difference between washing your clothes with soap and washing them with… uh… poop.

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