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05.05.08 25 Comments

As I reported last week, at the end of the credits in Iron Man, Sam Jackson makes a cameo as Nick Fury (he’s a much better superhero than Charlie Vague Feelings of Contentment).  I’ve got buttcam footage of the scene after the jump.

Jackson emerges from the shadows to deliver lines most likely written by a Marvel Exec: “Think you’re the only superhero in the world?  Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe.  You just. don’t. know it yet.”

On another note, I’m glad I don’t watch movies at whatever theater this is.  I’d probably have to club the trained seals in the audience, and the law usually frowns upon that.  “*Gasp* Psst, it’s Samuel L. Jackson!  Ha!  Oh my gosh, did you hear what he just said?  YES! That was awesome. This is gonna be so great.  Hey, my shoes look funny in this light.  Dang, I should’ve shaved today.  Hmm, I feel like drinking a soda.  Damn, just when I have to stand up I got like half a boner going on. I wonder if anyone’ll notice.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll see a doctor about this constant need to verbalize my inner monolog problem.  Aw crap, people are staring at me again.” –[Picture source = here – Thanks to Robo for the tip]

Watch it on YouKu if the YouTube clip gets taken down

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