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11.19.09 24 Comments

Jackass is one of those things you either like or you don’t.  I have the brain of a 13 year old, so naturally Jackass 2 was the most fun I’ve had in a theater since I learned that trick with the popcorn container.  Not much is known about the project at this point, but Paramount recently released its list of titles for 2010, and one of them is Jackass 3-D.  A third Jackass wouldn’t be a huge surprise, since the cast has dropped hints about doing more Jackass in various interviews, but… 3-D?  Wouldn’t that require a big, expensive camera rig that’d make a lot of the Jackass stunts impossible?  I guess it depends on the type of stunts.  But until we hear more, I’m just going to assume 3-D isn’t a dimension, but rather the number of D’s you should expect to see.  Then when they release the extended DVD cut, it can be called Jackass 3——D

Then there’ll be Jackass 3====D  ~~~~ (+) (+)   and Jackass 3====D ~~~~ (|) Hey, which one of you fags wants to pull my finger?

[via CHUD, Cinematical]

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