Jaden Smith suffered hilarious Chinese child abuse

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06.10.10 36 Comments


I always assumed Jaden Smith just woke up one day yelling “DADDY! DADDY! BUY ME A MOVIE!” and had his wish granted.  But a recent interview with his Karate Kid director, Harold Zwart contained an interesting quote, one raising the possibility that maybe Jaden Smith isn’t so much spoiled as he is exploited, like Michael Jackson, or one of those bears you hit with a stick until they ride a unicycle.  From a recent interview with ComingSoon:

CS: Was any of the training we see in the movie based in real martial arts training and did Jackie consult with that at all?

Zwart: Actually, the training he does in the movie was modeled after the actual training he had to go through. So I was up there every day standing there with Will watching [martial arts instructor] Wu Gong with his foot on Jaden’s back to make his legs go deeper and we see this tear running down his cheek, and Will and I were looking at each other going, “How can that not be in the movie?” (Laughs) We shot almost all of that on video and we made a pre-vis of the actual training and that’s how I blocked the training in the movie, it’s based on real training.

Hahahaha, the little kid cried when the Chinaman stood on his back and hit him with sticks! Classic!  It’s funny because he hates being forced to work!  I always love a good victim-cries-a-single-tear story.  We call that the Indian Chief tear.  I kid, I kid.  Look, no one said raising a successful child star isn’t a gamble.  Sure, maybe he slits your throat in your sleep one night, but maybe he becomes a big star and works himself to death in his 30s and you get to keep all his money.  The kid’s 11, right?  You always double down on 11.

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