James Franco Watched a Male Prostitute Bang a Dude to Prepare for Role

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12.10.10 22 Comments
Franco demonstrates his "witnessing gay sex" face

Franco demonstrates his "witnessing gay sex" face

James Franco takes acting seriously, and being a serious actor requires proving your commitment to the craft by doing things like gaining or losing 60 pounds, shaving off your eyebrows to play a cancer patient, or most importantly, research.  People say Jane Goodall started as an actress preparing for a movie about apes who just took things a little too far.  Franco was recently on Inside the Actor’s Studio talking about preparing for his role in Sonny, in which he plays a male prostitute.  Naturally, he did this by hanging out with a gigolo. The gigolo serviced both men and women, and at one point during Franco’s research, sh*t got pretty real.  Franco describes hanging out with the guy in the back of a strip club when the guy suddenly got a call. Get a call, slide down a pole — sounds just like being a fireman.

He says, ‘Oh, you’re playing a male prostitute?  You wanna do some real research?  Come with me right now.’  And I said, ‘Well I’m not gonna do anything…’  and he said, ‘Aw, this guy’s so coked out of his mind, he won’t even know you’re there.  Just sit in the chair in the corner and take your shirt off and it’ll be fine.'”

In related news, that describes every note from a director Channing Tatum has ever received.

I have no problem with gay sex in theory, but if I had to witness it first hand, I’d like to imagine I’d do it wearing a rain coat and holding up a plastic sheet like sitting in the front row at a Gallagher concert.

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