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10.17.07 53 Comments

According to Variety, Warner Bros Japan will produce the strangely punctuated film, Sushi King! Goes to New York, based on a Japanese television show.

Yukihiko Tsutsumi ("Memories of Tomorrow") helms and Koichi Domoto of boy band Kinki Kids [stars of the above video] stars as a genius sushi chef who goes to New York to perfect his skills and face off against the local competition…Dialogue will be half Japanese and half English. 

Pretty much any time you hear the phrase "Japanese boy band" you know you’re dealing with blog gold.  It would seem that this is like the Japanese version of You Got Served, starring the Japanese version of Justin Timberlake.  All 26 of Kinki Kids’ singles have debuted at number one, and they just wouldn’t be Japanese if their videos didn’t make me feel like I’m on mushrooms. Just once I want to sit in on the pitch meeting for one of these things.  "First you sit in tree.  Then squirrel girls come.  Mushroom cry, then butterfly." 

You’ve gotta wonder what Japanese bedtime stories are like.  "Sleep tight, don’t let the evil octopus strangle you in your dreams."  "You know what happens to little children who don’t eat their vegetable, right?  Their guardian spirit gets beheaded by robots."

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