Jason Mewes Fs with the wrong Mexican

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05.19.10 19 Comments

Check out the trailer for Vengeance, starring Danny Trejo.  Because this time, they f*cked with the wrong Mexican… AGAIN!

It follows our previously established, take-something-popular-and-give-it-a-generic name rule to a T, but it has a secret weapon.  Actually, it has a few secret weapons.  Besides Danny Trejo in the lead role, it’s got Jason Mewes, 50 Cent, wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, MMA stars Rashad Evans and Houston Alexander, and “platinum-selling rap artist Tech N9ne.”  I didn’t know who he was, but only because I lock my doors when I drive through a “rap” neighborhood.  Oh, and that one guy from Street Kings and Training Day is in it too, but this time with a giant tattoo of ram horns on his skull.

Hard to say at this stage, but this could either be this year’s 12 Rounds, or a modern-day Gone with the Pope.

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