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11.30.07 79 Comments

There’s one new movie opening in wide release this weekend, and that movie is Awake, starring Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, and Yahoo Howard.  I, for one, hope it’s going to be really really good.

Trouble is, no one seems to have any reviews because the studio didn’t screen it for critics.  Nothing says "Yup, this movie sucks." quite like not showing it for the critics – except maybe Brett Ratner’s name in the credits.  Sure, they’ll try to spin the decision with crap like, "We just don’t, like, think critics should get to see the movie before the fans, man. It’s all about the fans!"

Not a chance.  No way in hell a studio sacrifices word of mouth unless they’re positive all the reviews are going to be bad.  It’s a shame, because Jessica Alba’s such a talented actress.  No one plays hot-chick-who-says-stuff-sometimes better than her.  She’s like a mannequin you can’t strap to the roof of your car!

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