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11.06.08 54 Comments

The other night I sent Chodin to an advance screening in L.A. and he came back talking about how good it was.  And I was all like, “Wait, you’re saying a new comedy with Jim Carrey was actually good???”  And he was all like, “No, dumbass, not Yes Man, the screening was for I Love You, Man, with Paul Rudd!”  And I was all like, “OMG, that makes so much more sense now!”

Boy, we had a pretty good laugh about that one.  Anyway, here’s the new trailer for Yes Man.

I like how it basically confirms to the Rob Schneider movie trailer format – Jim Carrey was a derp a derp a derpy derp. Until one day, derp a derp a dee! — and then they play the CSI Miami song right at the transformational moment. Which brings me to my next point: Now that Don LaFontaine is dead, David Caruso should be the voice of the movies.

In a world. Where Jim Carrey said no. One day. He decided to say. …Yes.


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