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11.19.07 65 Comments

There will probably be confirmation on all of these and a complete list by the end of today or tomorrow, but everyone’s already been rushing to report most of the Justice League of America cast. 

The Flash will be played by Seth from the OC, aka Adam Brody.  If you were wondering why I mention him first, it’s because he’s probably the biggest star of the bunch.  No, seriously.  Rapper and attractive black man Common will be playing The Green Lantern, some dude named Scott Porter is Superman, Teresa Palmer is Talia Al Ghul (Batman love interest), and Armie Hammer (named after the baking soda?) is playing Batman.  And no, I’ve never heard of these people either. 

Luckily, there’s still The Dark Knight, the next Superman movie, The Flash movie, and the Green Lantern movie, so fans of shitty superhero movies have options.  Adam Brody actually won me over in Thank You for Smoking, and Common by being cool looking, but the rest of these people – you’d get better actors by typing random names into IMDB (Steve, Bob, Susan, Chuck) and playing eeny meeny miny mo with the results.  I’ve said this was going to suck all along, and now that the casting’s more Fantastic Four than X-Men, I’m feeling pretty confident in my early assessment.  Kind of like when I told everyone our third grade teacher was weird looking, and nine years later she died of cancer.  It’s like I have a fifth sense or something.  [Source, Source]

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