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08.11.09 9 Comments

At first no one cared when Matt Austin-Sadowski (a former actor on “Power Rangers: S.P.D.”) made a 75-minute Roger & Me-style documentary about his search for the reclusive John Hughes (entitled Don’t You Forget About Me).  But less than a day after John Hughes died, Austin-Sadowski was fielding calls from distributor’s. “Are you serious?” he’d ask. “Serious as a heart attack,” they probably didn’t say.

By noon Friday, world rights to the low-budget doc had been snapped up by Alliance Films of Montreal with a U.S. deal in the offing. Thesps interviewed in the doc include Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Mia Sara, Kelly LeBrock and Andrew McCarthy. Molly Ringwald, perhaps the actress most associated with Hughes’ hits, refused to take part in the project.  Austin-Sadowski said he hopes the buzz translates into renewed interest in Hughes’ films. “That’s what’s important to us. It’s not the deal. It’s not more exposure for us.” [Variety]

Really?  People needed a documentary to remember John Hughes films?  Say what you will about them, they weren’t exactly underappreciated.  Nonetheless, I respect this guy’s foresight and I’m hoping to follow his example.  I just don’t know which is more likely, Michael Bay dying in a freak C4 accident or Brett Ratner choking on a nacho.

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