John Milius explains Apocalypse Now, his hatred of hippies

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10.18.10 14 Comments

A three-disc edition of Apocalypse Now hits Blu-Ray this week, and one of the special features is the conversation between director Francis Ford Coppola and writer John Milius, who adapted Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness for the screenplay.  Here Milius tells Coppola the origin of the title “Apocalypse Now”.  Basically, Milius hated hippies, so he took their common button or jacket patch, a peace sign that said “Nirvana Now”, and added a few lines so that it looked like a B-52 and said “Apocalypse Now.” I don’t know about you, but seeing a dude who looks so much like Walter Sobchak from Big Lebowski talk about hating hippies kind of gives me a hard on.

[via Movieline]

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