Johnny Depp can’t stop here, this is hawk country!

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06.29.10 12 Comments

As promised this morning when I posted the poster, here’s the full trailer for Rango, from Paramount Pictures, starring the voice of Johnny Depp.  Normally I couldn’t care less about the dumb movies your annoying wiener kids drag you to, but I really like the look of the animation in this one.  Plus I enjoy it when every character has an over-the-top Mexican accent. Reminds me of junior high.

The trailer immediately made me think of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but I wondered if I was making too much of it — is there really a connection beyond Johnny Depp in a Hawaiian shirt in the desert? Then I watched it again and I caught the almost subliminal shot (it’s only a few frames) in which the filmmaker’s clearly reference it themselves.

Anyway, I love a good Hunter S. Thompson reference in a children’s film.

“Daddy, daddy, what’s Fear and Loathing?”

“Oh, it’s just a book about a guy who drives out to Las Vegas in search of the American Dream.”

“Does he find it?”

“Well, not really, but he’s awesome and does lots of drugs.”

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