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11.21.07 62 Comments

Hey remember that one movie with that mannequin that was like Point Break for people with stupid cars?  Yeah dude, they made three of them.  They’re working on a fourth and some chick’s gonna be in it.  Should be hot. 

Anyway, yeah – Jordana Brewster will be in the fourth installment of The Fast and The Furious (BGavin suggests 4 the Fast, 4 the Furious, but I think they’ll go with something less literary).  Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and director Justin Lin will be back as well.  Good thing, I mean, an actor like Paul Walker you can’t just replace with an upside down broom with Paul Walker’s headshot taped to it.  Oh wait…

Also, anyone else think Jordana Brewster kinda looks like Madonna’s daughter?  And by that I mean, "Jordana?  Hi, it’s tweezers.  I don’t think we’ve met."  (looks at girlfriends and cackles bitchily – but it’s all just a defense mechanism)

UPDATE: Apparently little Lourdes (who’s nicknamed Lola – poor mom didn’t realize she’d have an English accent when she gave her a Spanish name) has been offered a part in the latest Harry Potter flick.   

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