Meet your new Spider-Man, king of the milk babies

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07.01.10 8 Comments

UPDATE: Oops.  This rumor has been debunked.

Rumor has it Josh Hutcherson of Journey to the Center of the Earth and Firehouse Dog is the new Spider-Man in Mark Webb’s upcoming 3D, muppet-babies reboot of the franchise for Sony.  Blue Sky Disney, who other sites note has been spot-on with rumors in the past, writes:

After several extensive test shoots were performed, Marc Webb and the top Sony $uits [I see what you did there. -Ed.] decided that Hutcherson was the right fit for the role and an offer was made and has been accepted.

Hutcherson has declined to comment on the rumors so far, and some people have pointed out that he’s already committed to shooting a second Journey to the Center of the Earth in the fall, so there’s still a chance that this turns out to not be true (everyone in Hollywood knows you don’t cross Brendan Fraser, the silverback of the kid-flick trade).  If you’ll remember, Hutcherson was listed as one of five actors on the shortlist for the Spider-man part a month ago.  I don’t really have an opinion on him one way or the other and all these wiener kids look the same to me nowadays, but at the very least, we can say that it could’ve been worse.  I mean, at least it’s not this guy:

You know, unless the new Spider-Man’s power is acting put out and saying bitchy things about your shoes.  “With great power comes exasperated cigarette breaks.”

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