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04.01.09 20 Comments

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more overrated, The O.C., Gossip Girls, and Chuck creator Josh Schwartz has signed on to direct a remake of the 1988 Michael J. Fox/Kiefer Sutherland film Bright Lights, Big City.

The 1984 Jay McInerney novel revolves around a disillusioned magazine writer who numbs the pain of a failed marriage and writer’s block with drugs, alcohol and nightly carousing. Schwartz begins writing after he completes the script for “X-Men: First Class.”

I’ll give Schwartz this: he’s good at writing spoiled rich-kid problems. “Waah, I have writer’s block!  And my Hummer’s the wrong color!”  He should team this writer guy with an African immigrant for a good-old fashioned black-white buddy comedy.

WRITER GUY: It’s just… I’m all stressed out.  I can’t finish this latest chapter in my post-modern novel.

AFRICAN: That is a shame.  But I know how you feel.  I was born with AIDS after my mother was raped to death by rebels.

WRITER GUY:  …It’s so funny that all this is happening while Lauren’s away.

The sad part is he’s probably going to take the first part of that idea and hire Nick Cannon.

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