Joss Whedon Confirms Directing The Avengers, Fans Confirm Erections

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Am I the only one who feels like these red bumps just won’t go away The Avengers project has been hanging around for, oh I don’t know, say 30 years now? Hell, we’ve already exhausted ourselves on every possible cast combination and rumor mill fodder you could imagine. But worry no longer, young Padawans, because it’s now been officially confirmed by Joss Whedon (Serenity, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) himself that he will definitely be directing The Avengers upcoming silver screen debut. Whedon’s duo panel with J.J. Abrams yesterday was the first time that the news was made public, resulting in 200 plus screaming fans all crapping their denim shorts simultaneously.

Please, tea bag me with your knowledge The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s not an official thing, I think because Marvel couldn’t afford a press release,” Whedon said. “So can we make that an official thing? I’m directing ‘The Avengers.’ ” Asked what his take will be on the film, Whedon replied, “I am still writing an outline. I’m still in that stage. I will say the thing I love about it, the thing that made me excited to do it, is how counterintuitive it is. These people shouldn’t be in the same room — and that is the very definition of family.” [THR]

Well slap my penis and call me Lou Ferrigno’s ball sac (it’s named Henry, FYI) for the first time I’m actually genuinely confident in this project. For so long it’s felt like this thing would never take flight, let alone a writer/director would get attached who actually knows what they’re doing and is knowledgeable of the concept. Say what you will about Joss Whedon (his “These people shouldn’t be in the same room” quote is admittedly more applicable for a prison shower than The Avengers), but the guy actually gives a sh*t when it comes to production and these days that’s few and far between in a director (why can’t we clone Christopher Nolan?).

Video after the jump:

So hats off to Joss Whedon and his giant wang, this week. He’s successfully pulled The Avengers project out of the “Family Reunion Rumors” bin and cemented some actual momentum behind it. Now there’s just one final question left unanswered at Comic-Con: how exactly do we wash these anime fleshlights out? Oh wait -you mean we don’t? Okay, cool.

Creepy snuff film quality video courtesy of Cinemablend.


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