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(When the lights go down in the city… Robocop goes to work.)

In a recent interview, Sarah Silverman shared a story about Journey lead singer Steve Perry, and let’s just say it has a lot in common with that story about what Oliver Stone supposedly said about Scarface.  Basically, if you’ve ever sung “Don’t Stop Believin'” at karaoke, you are a virulent, hate-filled racist.

In an interview with Playboy set to hit newsstands tomorrow, comedian Sarah Silverman responds to questions about her provocative brand of humor by telling a story about how “the onetime lead singer of a very popular band from the 1980s” came up to her after a show and said, “You’re my favorite comedian. You have the best n*gger jokes.” Silverman didn’t outright name Journey’s Steve Perry, but she added, “I’ll just say this: After that, I stopped believin’.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Perry predictably denied Silverman’s version of the story.

“I walked up to her after the show and I said, ‘I can’t believe that somehow you seem to be getting away with all these slurs and the n-word, I just can’t believe how you’re doing this,’ and I looked at my friend and I said, ‘I can’t believe how she’s getting away with this,’ and she looked at me and kind of smiled. It wasn’t like I was condemning her or condoning her, it was just that I can’t believe how somehow creatively she was making everybody in that club of all colors and all ethnic backgrounds laugh. That’s what it was.” [Rolling Stone]

Perry later added, “My friend was black, did I mention that?  Seriously, a close, personal friend. We’re like brothers. Wait, no, that’s not what I meant to say…”

Anyway, I’m sure this post will garner plenty of “Sarah Silverman sucks” comments.  Which I don’t really get.  I can understand not being familiar with her stand up, and her show is an acquired taste, but have you not seen Jesus is Magic?  I dunno, anyone who sings a song with the line “You can’t put your arms around a dirty gangbang cum shot,” is okay in my book.  I guess I’m old fashioned like that.

If you really want to feel your IQ dropping, check out the comments on the Rolling Stone post. Haha, I love you internet race wars.

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